The pictures show a being in white form, searching, crawling, standing in pompous, noble rooms or on stony streets - put up theatrically in the truest sense of the word, the pictures are madly alive. Although there are spatial structures and lines in the pictures, it is much less about abstraction than about an abandoned person's emotions and feelings. The escape in the confrontation with oneself takes an important place. A central question is: Where do I belong, where do I find myself, what do I leave behind to see and feel my true self?  The theme of a young woman's redemption - through art in time and space, is in fact, strongly connected with a fatefulness and to the image of a lost woman who has strayed from the path of virtue. Despite the strong expression of the images and the young woman's anguished presence, she still remains untouched, slightly repellent, and cool. She dies, and at the same time lives in her own (inner) spaces.