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My early formative years were spent in Italy. I was born in 1992 in Lucca, Italy and after high school I  first studied Photography at the Academy L.A.B.A in Florence but then moved to Berlin, Germany. There, in 2021, I was awarded a BA In Photography from the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.


In my work I photograph staged self-portraits and daily life encounters by combining humor with reality, intimacy with softness. By re-signifying my past experiences through my images, this search for meaning becomes present, honest, but at the same time delicate and light.


2021 - "Nothing Burns Like the Cold"- EMOP 2021. University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin

2020 - "Kunst to go". Aviatrix Atelier, Berlin

2019 - "Cloak & Dagger". Aviatrix Atelier, Berlin

2019 - “Threads of Yesterday”. CLB, Berlin

2019 - Untitled”. Das Gift, Berlin

2018 - “Did we get lost - A photographic investigation in Asia", University of Europe for Applied Science, Berlin 

2018 - “False Front”. GlogauAIR, Berlin

2018 - “The Print Swap Holiday Exhibition”. ROOTS Studio, New York



2018 - EMOP, European Month of Photography Berlin

2021 - Altiba9, Contemporary Art Magazine 

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